JAN 30 (MON) - FEB 26 (SUN)


Let’s create a new World of play!


Reimagine how people come together in the metaverse; from interactive multiplayer spaces that bring communities together to immersive strategy battles where players outwit their friends. The ZEPETO WORLD JAM aims to bring together developers from around the world to build the next IT World for the ZEPETO app, one of the fastest-growing metaverse platforms. Stand a chance to win several prizes from our $115,000 USD prize pool for the most fun Worlds and receive additional rewards for different Wildcard submissions. We welcome all imaginative ways to connect communities and build up the vibrant ecosystem and community in the ZEPETO platform.


Let’s create Worlds that will connect, engage and excite.


Let your creative juices flow! Participants are free to build Worlds of any genre; simulator, roleplay, survival, shooters, and anything else you can dream of.


Bring your extraordinary idea to life and have the opportunity to bring our prizes home.

1st Prize

$30,000 USD

2nd Prize

$20,000 USD

3rd Prize

$10,000 USD

4th + 5th Prize

$5,000 USD

Wildcard Prizes

Want to have the opportunity to increase your prize? Wildcards are bonus rewards that you can apply if you include certain features in your World. Stand the chance to win an additional $3,000 USD for every Wildcard included. You can apply more than one Wildcard to your submission if you’re up for the challenge.



Incorporate simulation/role-playing elements


$3,000 USD



Incorporate party/social/multiplayer elements


$3,000 USD

Voice Chat


Incorporate a voice chat function (using ZEPETO’s new voice-enabled API)


$3,000 USD

Bounty Prizes

Best Visuals


The World with the most outstanding art, character design, assets, environments, animations, and textures.

$5,000 USD

People’s Choice


The World that wins the hearts of the ZEPETO WORLD JAM participants.


$5,000 USD

Most Creative Submission


A unique World that is not only fun to play, but also unlike anything we’ve played before.

$5,000 USD

Judging Criteria

Our expert judges will grade submissions across these categories:

Market Potential


The World’s appeal to ZEPETO’s audience and its potential to attract new users.

Design and Functionality


Adequate implementation of play mechanics, an engaging core loop, features, art, and sound that make the World fun to play and players will want to return to it again and again.



The World’s ability to push the limits of what is possible on ZEPETO and how it stands out against other Worlds on ZEPETO as well as experiences on other platforms.



The World’s level of completion meets the expectations and goals that the developers set out to accomplish during the event.



The World’s execution and its presentation to the judges.


<span data-metadata="">Dec 7 - Feb 12
Registration Phase
Jan 11
Engagement Session 1:

Introduction to ZEPETO (World Development)

Jan 18
Engagement Session 2:

Community-centric AMA

Jan 30
Jan 30
Codealong Workshop 1:

Getting Started & Core concepts

Feb 1
Codealong Workshop 2:

Multiplayer Part 1 - Schema Setup / Player Position Syncing

Feb 2
Codealong Workshop 3:

Multiplayer Part 2 - Advanced Client Server Communication

Feb 6
Mentor Office Hours 1
Feb 8
Mentor Office Hours 2
Feb 14
Community Jam Session 1
Feb 16
Community Jam Session 2
Feb 20
Mentor Office Hours 3
Feb 21
Submission Briefing Session
Feb 22
Mentor Office Hours 4
Feb 26
Final Submission
Mar 6 - Mar 14
Judging Phase
Mar 17
Winners’ Announcement





The event will be held from 30 January 2023 to 17 March 2023.

This event is open to all!

We welcome all developers who want to learn more about building Worlds in ZEPETO.

So long as you are a citizen of our eligible countries, have a stable internet connection, and are 16 years old and above. Please refer to the eligibility restrictions section on the Participation Agreement.

You need to install the Unity game engine and ZEPETO’s Unity Plug-in. With these tools, you’ll be able to use ZEPETOScript to implement game logic, control user input or modify the properties of characters and game objects. 

ZEPETOScript is designed to support the TypeScript programming language and is fully compatible with the Unity MonoBehaviour interface. Find out more about creating ZEPETO Worlds and installing these tools here.

The minimum number of participants in a team is 1, while the maximum number is 4.

Yes! Only registered individuals are eligible to participate. Please ensure that all members of your team have registered their teams accordingly.

While participants can submit a project individually, we encourage everyone to form teams (of up to a maximum of 4 members) where possible to make the ideation and development process more enjoyable!

 Please refer to the Submission Requirements & Guide in the Participant’s Guide (available upon registration).

Contact the AngelHack team on the Official Event Discord for further clarifications!